THIRD by Kenjiro


THIRD was founded by Akira Ushioda and Matt Norman to unite families of wealth across the world facing generational change. It offers a constructive alternative to the traditional world of consultants. By forging more personal and longer relationships, THIRD aims to enable the specific ambitions of individual families to come true.



United by a common drive to disprove the stigma that rests on the next generation, THIRD’s community model helps families identify where ambitions overlap and creates opportunities for families to work together in trust.


THIRD offers an alternative to the templated world of finance. Our community generates opportunities together. We don’t aim to replace traditional finance but offer an approach to investing that can coexist alongside institutional services.


Our simple conviction is that growth accelerates when it is achieved collaboratively. Opportunity is multiplied and risk reduced. The THIRD community actively seeks investment opportunities that allow all parties to grow faster together.

  • 守破離


    Chief Executive Officer of Kenjiro Private Office

    Whilst still in his twenties Akira faced the challenge of moving from being a member of the next generation to leading his family's private office. This experience has greatly influenced Akira's desire to build Third as a force for good for families as their generations shift. As well as CEO of the family office, Akira is a keen angel investor, his investing focus being at the nexus between private capital, creativity and technology.

    Akira Ushioda
  • 守破離


    Chief Investment Officer of Kenjiro Private Office

    A craftsman of family governance, Matt has been shaping private offices for ultra high net worth families for decades. You'll find him at his happiest working with a family, mug of tea in hand, identifying their problems and working together as a team to create a path forward resolving their issues. Matt's role at Kenjiro focusses upon a liquid multi-asset portfolio with a very long term investment horizon.

    Matthew Norman